About us

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Septemberange is a registered company that specializes with three aspects of business trading;- model management, make-up studio and Boutique.

Model management

Endows models with basics to lay foundation of their entire modelling careers.Our biggest pride is the beauty ,fabulosity and professionalism that reflects on the final outcome of the individuals that we create through exclusive maven training and branding,individuals in full possession of power that instil sense of self worth,self respect and the ability to pass that inspiration passionately and profound! Our rationele is to provide an immaculate satisfication and growth within our clientele and models, Hence our clients remain the happiest as we serve them with pride intertwined by empowered well-groomed professional models.

Make-up studio

Nothing puts a perfect finish to a special day than a well fashioned make up,to us its a beyond just a service rendered with an exchange of money; because we celebrate beauty everyday and the more reasons and occasions we get the better! our team is made of determined and informed professionals who take responsibility upon themselves to give our clients a lifetime experience,We make it our own personal goals to find the latest suitable make up applications,styles and fashions to suit every single client with their unique needs,our make up finish touches more hearts than it does skin.


At Septemberange we have three words to describe perfection on a woman's outfit; elegance,beauty and sophistication and that is exactly what our clothing line is about! Our fabrics and style are tailor made literally with a feel good intention to put out there a statement of class "Embracing beauty"! We understand the need to feel comfortable in your clothes and at the same time make a lifetime goddess statement,after all what you wear defines you. Visit our Boutique/catalogue page and get an insight feel of what we are raving about!