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    Septemberange model management is on a range of bringing out fabulosity in individuals to embracing beauty, all in the glory of creating models with professional remarkable stature serving our clients with complete satisfaction.It is of great significance to have knowledge of what you do and skills to pose total poise on your work.We provide models with training,branding and prepare portfolios for them.Training entails manuals and practicals on modelling, Branding is about image and presentation and Portfolios contain model's profile [image presentation, experience and practical work]

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    Septemberange make-up studio offers mobile services where at the venue of your choosing; our professional team will bestow you with elegant,finest make-up. Septemberange is aimed at offering an exceptional level of personalized service that exceeds your expectations without no compromise to your style and concept. We provide make-up for events of any nature such as fashion show events, weddings, photo shoots, pageants, corporate functions, launch parties or graduation day. Septemberange make-up studio always delivers with prestige on all occasions.

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    Septemberange boutique is an exclusive on-line fashion store, stocked with elegant made of suits, skirts, pants and dresses best suited for modern young ladies and women.Our clothing range is made of sleek fabrics and style that pays homage to your beauty, class and femininity! For your convenience we take ORDERS by email,sms,voice call and social network on 24hr base,And we deliver to your doorstep. Turn to our boutique/catalogue page,browse through; "if you feel like you are seeing clothing garments for the first time-the feeling is mutual" Go ahead place your order and touch change.